Thomas Beatie, the controversial transsexual man who is pregnant for the second time, has spoken about his experiences to Larry King.

Beatie appeared on King’s talk show with his wife, Nancy, and their first child, Susan, to promote his book Labor of Love, the Story of One Man’s Extraordinary Pregnancy.

While he has been accused of exploiting his pregnancies for financial gain, Beatie said that he was not expecting the attention that he received when he announced his first pregnancy.

“Honestly, we are quite surprised. We naively thought that we were going to be able to get away with me giving birth without anyone knowing,” he said.

Beatty – who was born a woman but is legally recognised as a man – said that, “…we don’t have a domestic partnership. We’re not a same-sex marriage. We’re legal man and wife.”

Thirty four year old Beatie had his breasts removed and has undergone testosterone treatments, but retained his female reproductive organs.

When asked if she saw herself as gay for having married a person who was born a biological female, Nancy responded that she did not and that she felt married to a man.

“Even when he was pregnant, he was still a man to me,” she said.

The couple told the talk show host that they did not rule out the possibility of having another child in the future.

“I think you’re terrific. I think what you’ve done is not the easiest thing in the world and especially to come forward. You have a beautiful little daughter. I wish you nothing but the best,” King told the couple.

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