The male prostitute accusing singer and DJ Boy George of false imprisonment has in turn been accused of embellishing his story for profit.

Auden Carlsen had previously told the Snaresbrook Crown Court that in April George and another man beat and handcuffed him to a hook on the wall after the singer had accused him of tampering with his computer.

On Wednesday, George’s lawyer, Adrian Waterman, accused Carlsen of being motivated by greed: “You have lied to the police. You have tried to make this story more exciting. You have added details and you have sold your story to the press and you have every intention of doing so again.”

“Do you think I would put myself through all this for the sake of a few thousand pounds?” replied Carlsen.

The two men first met at George’s London apartment in 2007 for a naked photo shoot where they allegedly took cocaine.

In the trial it’s been claimed that the pop star performed unprotected oral sex on Carlsen during the photo shoot, despite having been told by Carlsen that he was HIV positive.

Carlsen also said that when he refused to continue to have sex with George because he found him unattractive, the singer became angry.

George has denied the charge of false imprisonment, claiming that Carlsen willingly participated in being handcuffed.

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