Boy George (Pic by Ariadne Barroso)

Boy George (46) has been found guilty of falsely imprisoning a man in his London flat.

Male escort Auden Carlsen (29) had earlier told the Snaresbrook Crown Court that in April George beat and handcuffed him to a hook on the wall after the singer had accused him of tampering with his computer.

The next morning Carlsen was able to free himself and, in his underwear, ran into a nearby shop from which the police were called.

George, real name George O’Dowd, had claimed, through his lawyer, that Carlsen had agreed to be handcuffed and that he had embellished the story for profit.

The two men first met at George’s apartment in 2007 for a naked photo shoot where they allegedly took cocaine. Carlsen said that when he refused to have sex with George because he found him unattractive, the singer became angry.

The popstar, who chose not to testify in the trial, was allowed to stay out on bail until sentencing on January 16 next year. The judge however warned George that he could be facing jail time.

“The fact that your bail is being continued does not imply that this will be dealt with by a non-custodial sentence. I don’t want any false expectations created,” he told a grim looking George.

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