ProGay, a Dutch gay organisation has announced that it will present a gay nativity scene, featuring actors portraying two Josephs and two Marys, this Christmas.

The Amsterdam-based group said that the planned alternative stable scene will be included in a 10 day Pink Christmas festival which aims to provide more choices to gay and lesbian Christians over the holidays.

The festival will include various activities such as social events, film screenings, a market, a gay ice skating rink and religious services.

Christian groups have slated the nativity scene, claiming that it will mock the celebration of the birth of Christ.

The organisation said that its intention is not to offend.

“Christmas is about more than religion, it’s also about love and families, not to mention shopping,” he said. “Two men or two women can form a family too these days, even one with a child,” ProGay chairman Frank van Dalen told the Associated Press.

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