Italian gays are up in arms after Italy’s state television channel, RAI, cut gay loves scene from its broadcast of Brokeback Mountain.

The channel, which aired the acclaimed Oscar-winning film on Monday, snipped a mild sex scene and a kiss between the two male characters.

RAI, however, said that it was not responsible for the cuts and that the movie was received from the film’s distributor with the changes already made in order for it to be screened during prime time.

The broadcaster promised to rescreen the full version of the film at a later time-slot.

Activists say the movie should have been screened uncut even during prime time and that another film showing similar scenarios between a heterosexual couple would not have been censored.

Brokeback Mountain, the story of an illicit affair between two cowboys, was directed by Ang Lee and stars Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger in the lead roles.

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