Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

Actress Linday Lohan, 22, has angrily denied media reports that she has split from her girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson, 31.

There were claims that Lohan had been spotted leaving the couple’s Los Angeles home with a large bag in hand.

The apparent breakup followed a slew of reports that the two women have regularly been seen fighting in public, including vicious arguments at two clubs in Miami on New Year’s Eve.

Now, writing on her MySpace page, Lohan has denied that the relationship has ended.

“We did not break up!” she said on the site, insisting that gossip bloggers get their fact straight.

Meanwhile, the BBC has come under for fire for broadcasting a programme in which the lesbian couple were mocked.

During the BBC3 radio programme, The Most Annoying People of 2008, Ronson was listed as the 43rd most annoying celebrity of 2008.

“Let the munters and mingers get each other. That’s cool because nobody wants them,” said DJ Spoony on the show.

He went on to say, “but when they’re hot and fit… do you know what I mean, and Hollywood superstars, they should be saved for guys like… not me… for other guys.”

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell described the comments as “gratuitously sexist and homophobic,” while gay rights group Stonewall called on the British broadcaster to apologise.

The BBC countered that “The contributors to the programme are expressing their own views and opinions, which are meant in a light-hearted way with no malicious intent.”

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