Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has said in a newly published interview that he has grown up with gay men and finds gay crushes on him flattering.

Answering a question from The Daily Beast about whether he, like many straight actors, is a “fag hag,” Radcliffe said:

“Absolutely. My mom was a casting director and my dad was a literary agent and I was surrounded by gay men from a very young age. And I was the only boy in my class at school who had that kind of relationship with gay men.”

He added that: “Most of my friends had parents who had proper jobs in banks and law firms so none of them had been exposed to homosexuality in the way I had — as a normal course of things. So they had a rather different attitude toward it than I.”

Radcliffe also said that “…for a lot of straight guys — and I know I’m guilty of it sometimes — when you know a gay guy has a crush on you it is the most flattering thing.”

The newest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will be released in June.

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