A jury has acquitted a man in the Bahamas who admitted to killing another man who he claims made sexual advances on him.

The Nassau Guardian has reported that Frederick Green-Neely (25) told the court that he stabbed Dale Williams three times when he struggled to get away from him after the man grabbed his genitals.

Green-Neely had accepted an offer to go into Williams’ home because it was cold outside but only found out that Williams, the brother of a local politician, was attracted to him once he was inside the apartment.

Green-Neely’s lawyer, Dorsey McPhee, argued in the Nassau court that the accused was “defending his manhood”.

He added that, “This man deserves to go home to be with his family. The death, we are saying, was justified”.

The prosecution’s claim that Green-Neely had used excessive force was rejected by the jury which unanimously acquitted him.

According to, homosexuality is legal in the Bahamas but homophobia is widespread in the country.

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