Two women have sued a Texas, US, mall for what they claim is discrimination after security officers arrested them for kissing each other.

Jessica Garcia (22) claims she and her girlfriend were harassed by the Rolling Oaks Mall’s security when she gave her girlfriend a kiss on the cheek while they sat on an indoor bench.

The mall’s management claim that the women’s behaviour was inappropriate and violated the centre’s code of conduct which bars any form of kissing on the premises.

Its marketing director told the San Antonio Express-News that: “If our security officer feels that is disruptive to our shoppers and our business, then they have that authority to make that determination.”

She also said that the two women were only arrested after they re-entered the mall after being asked to leave.

Garcia said that they had walked back into the mall through another entrance in order to take a shortcut to their car which was on the other side of the centre.

When they were again confronted by security, the situation deteriorated and the women were arrested and charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.

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