Beckham in a recent Emporio Armani advert

International icon David Beckham has been subjected to homophobic chanting during a football game between England and Spain, reports PinkNews.co.uk.

The abuse began at around the 78th minute of the game, which took place in Seville Spain, on Wednesday.

The Spanish crowd began chanting “Beckham maricón”, which means “Beckham queer”.

David Beckham has long been seen as a prime example of a ‘metrosexual’ because of his good looks, steamy underwear ads and his interest in fashion.

Homophobic chanting during football matches has become the target of an anti-homophobia campaign in the UK.

The UK’s governing football body, the Football Association (FA), has agreed to fund a video and DVD featuring high profile premier league players speaking out against homophobia.

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