A picture of Beau Breedlove from his MySpace page

The man with whom Portland mayor Sam Adams had an affair has posed nude for a racy gay magazine.

Unzipped magazine announced on its website that it has completed an “erotic photo session” with Beau Breedlov, the former teenage intern whose affair with Adams has become an international sensation.

Adams – the only openly gay mayor in a top-30 US city – had repeatedly denied rumours that he had slept with Breedlove, but finally admitted to the affair in January.

He continues to insist that Breedlove was not underage during their affair and has refused to step down as mayor. Breedlove has also claimed that he was over 18 at the time.

“Beau Breedlove was extremely professional at his first erotic photo shoot in Los Angeles this past weekend,” Unzipped online editor Sean Carnage told

“He came to L.A. to prove that the Portland scandal does not define his sexuality. The photos portray the real Beau – a confident and extremely handsome young man who is openly sensual, openly sexual, and has nothing to hide.”

The magazine said that Breedlove’s erotic photos will appear in the May 2009 issue of Unzipped magazine. The photos will be accompanied by an exclusive interview with Breedlove.

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