World swoons at Jake Gyllenhaal’s package

The first official pics from the set of Prince of Persia have been released. And they show its star, Jake Gyllenhaal, in all his topless buff glory. Plus, as you can see in this image, Jake is sporting quite an impressive package down there. Now it may simply be a trick of the light or a crumpling of the fabric – but who cares; this is the stuff of gay legend. For those interested, the film, based on a classic video game is about “an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.” Bring it on!

Robbie Williams does drag

The recently elusive pop-star-turned-chubby-UFO-hunter Robbie Williams has made another drag appearance in Little Britain. He originally played the role of a “lady” in a 2005 episode of the show, but this time he’s taken a younger role. Robbie stars as Candy Marie-Candy – a spoilt little American girl – in a new Comic Relief benefit episode of the cult comedy series. So what did he have to say about his performance? “It’s hard to say no when asked to take part in a Little Britain sketch for Comic Relief. But I have to admit that dressing up as a small American child in a pretty dress made it all the more appealing.” That’s all fine and well, but we can’t help but hanker for the once über-sexy Robbie we used to know and love.

Britney’s lady parts make a guest appearance

We’re all cheering on dear Britney as her new Circus tour puts her on track to regain her pop-princess crown, but who would have expected her private lady parts to get in on the action (again). It was all thanks to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and a sound engineer who will probably be fired. As the singer, wearing a skimpy outfit which had ripped open, was being lowered under the stage in the dark after completing a performance of I’m A Slave 4 U, she fired off: “My pussy was hanging out!” Unfortunately someone had forgotten to switch off her microphone and the comment echoed around the Tampa, Florida stadium. The audience – appropriately enough – erupted in hoots, laughter and applause. Another classic Britney moment.

Tina Turner postpones UK shows

Rock granny Tina Turner has reportedly been forced to postpone a series of shows in the UK, not because of a broken hip or a purple rinse hair malfunction, but because of the good old flu. The 69 year old legend has been touring Europe with her Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour despite retiring a few years ago (then again, who said a lady can’t change her mind – just ask Cher). According to an official statement: “Tina always wants to give 100% and has been overwhelmed by the reaction from her UK fans at the gigs. She regrets this decision to postpone and the inconvenience to all those fans with tickets, but wants to make sure each concert she does is memorable for everyone.” Get well Tina!

Horror as Ab Fab remake starts shooting

Fans of the iconic British comedy television series Ab Fab – and that includes the residents of Mamba Mansions – are retching in horror on hearing that the rumoured American remake of the show has actually started filming in the US. The new version stars Kristen Johnston (Third Rock from the Sun) and Kathryn Hahn (Revolutionary Road) as Patsy and Edina. Some may say that we shouldn’t comment until we’ve seen the remake, but judging by pictures from the set, it looks like things are already off to a cringe worthy start. With luck it’ll be so bad that it’ll actually be fun to watch.

American Idol’s rising gay star

The eighth season of American Idol is well underway in the US, and one of the singers making an impression with audiences and the judges is proudly gay. Twenty six year old Adam Lambert, who has a background in musical theatre, has been wowing the land of the free and the brave with his impressive performances. The judges declared his recent take on the Michael Jackson classic Black or White as the performance of the night. “You’ve got the whole package going on,” enthused Paula Abdul. It’s now up to the audience to vote. Will they do so according to talent or sexuality? Stay tuned.

Recovering Rihanna goes clubbing

According to which rumour you want to believe, Rihanna is either testifying against allegedly abusive boyfriend Chris Brown, working on a duet or has even secretly married him, but the alleged woman-beater was nowhere to be seen on Tuesday night when his (ex?) girlfriend went clubbing. Rihanna was spotted at Hollywood Coco de Ville nightclub sans Chris and, according to witnesses, stayed for around three hours. Accompanied by a small army of bodyguards, she wore sunglasses throughout her visit and apparently didn’t look particularly happy. Meanwhile Chris has voluntarily withdrawn his nominations for two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards following pressure for the organisers to do so. He’s certainly no role model for teenagers.

Jacques Terre’Blanche talks about his gay fans

Hunky South African Idols finalist Jacques Terre’Blanche – who last year performed at Pretoria gay club Legends – was featured in a recent local issue of Heat magazine and was asked about his gay fan base. “It’s great,” he said. “I see it all as support – I’m an artist and I’m here to entertain no matter who you are”. The star, who is happily involved with his girlfriend of two years, also revealed that he prefers wearing briefs to boxers: “I like to keep things compact and organised,” he admitted.

Vivienne Westwood disses Kanye West

Egomaniacal hip-hop star Kanye West was recently given a little dose of humility at London Fashion Week. Kanye, who has been feverishly recreating himself as an international style, fashion and art icon, introduced himself to legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood – declaring himself her biggest fan. Unfortunately she had no clue who he was. According to NY Daily News, after he left a puzzled Vivienne had to ask who that was.”I think he’s famous in America,” someone apparently quipped.

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