Azapo’s president has slammed the South African government ahead of the April 22 elections for not holding a referendum on same-sex marriage, reports the Sunday Independent.

The newspaper said that Mosibudi Mangena, who is also the Minister of Science and Technology, warned that the country could degenerate into a Zimbabwe-style crisis because the ANC-led government is not willing to listen to its people.

Mangena believes that if the public was allowed to vote it would reject same-sex marriage and bring back the death penalty.

“If today we were to vote, Azapo is quite sure the majority would say they want the death penalty back. If same-sex marriages and abortion were put to the vote, they would not come back because of what the majority of people think about (them).”

It is unclear if Mangena is aware that the legalising of same-sex marriage was imposed on the government by a Constitutional Court ruling based on the bill of rights enshrined in the constitution.

The Azanian People’s Organisation, or AZAPO is a South African political organisation that was founded in 1978. It currently only has one seat in parliament.

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