Gay nudie magazine Unzipped has released the cover of its upcoming issue featuring a steamy photo shoot of Portland mayor Sam Adams’s illicit lover, Beau Breedlove.

Adams – the only openly gay mayor in a top-30 US city – had repeatedly denied rumours that he had slept with Breedlove, who was 18 at the time, but finally admitted to the 2005 affair in January.

Following the resulting media storm, the 21 year old former intern decided to cash in on his moment of fame and agreed to pose for the “erotic photo session”.

“The May Unzipped may be the most highly anticipated issue in the magazine’s history,” said David Kalmansohn, Editorial Director of Unzipped Media.

“Bloggers and chat rooms have been heatedly debating the merits – or demerits – of Beau Breedlove’s upcoming interview and pictorial. Should we embrace Beau as a symbol of sexual emancipation in what is still a homophobic and sexphobic society? Or do we dismiss him as just another highly beddable boy toy? Our readers can make their own call.”

According to the magazine, inside the May issue, Breedlove opens up about his relationship with Adams and how the story broke, as well as his own sex life and the kind of men he finds most attractive.

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