Singer Elton John (Pic: Richard Mushet)

Pop legend Sir Elton John has decided to drop his lawsuit against a British newspaper for libel after being rejected by the UK’s Court of Appeal.

John had originally lost the defamation case against The Guardian in December last year but had applied for leave to appeal the decision.

He sued the newspaper for publishing the “A Peek At The Diary Of…” column which humorously suggested that his humanitarian efforts were excuses for him to meet celebrities and promote himself.

Now, following the ruling by the Court of Appeal that he could not appeal the High Court’s decision, the singer’s legal team will no longer pursue the matter.

The mock diary “written” by the singer, which the newspaper described as “a piece of mild satire,” included a description of a charity event featuring former South African president Nelson Mandela:

“…a party specially organised to provide white celebrities with a chance to be photographed cuddling him, wearing that patronisingly awestruck smile they all have. It says: ‘I love you, you adorable, apartheid-fighting teddy bear.’”

The High Court refuted the singer’s claim that the article was defamatory and was written in a “gratuitously offensive, nasty and snide tone.”

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