Murder victim Charlie Davies

Nadim Kurrimbukus has been found guilty in the UK of murdering his ex-boyfriend, Charlie Davies, by dousing his head in petrol and setting it alight in June last year.

The attack was thought to have been sparked by jealousy, as Davies had ended their relationship two months before the incident.

Davies suffered burns to seventy-five percent of his body, and died twelve days after being admitted into the hospital.

Kurrimbukus’ co-defendant Yusuf Dulloo walked free from court after being found not guilty of murder and arson.

Kurrimbukus denied the accusations, claiming: “In Islam you are not allowed to be gay. There’s such a thing as an honour killing. (Yusuf) Dulloo’s lying as a punishment. He is trying to punish me after he found out about my sexuality,” Kurrimbukus told the court.

It took the jury six-and-a-half hours to deliberate Kurrimbukus’ guilt.

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