The Ugandan government has again accused foreign groups of “promoting” homosexuality in the country, this time pointing fingers at Unicef, the UN children’s agency, and human rights watchdog Amnesty International.

Ethics and integrity minister Dr. James Nsaba Buturo said in a statement to parliament: “Ten years ago, Unicef helped in funding and distributing books to schools, which books were unknown to the Ministry of Education and were popularising homosexuality.”

Butoro said that many schools had been infiltrated as these “promoters” of homosexuality worked discreetly and included people in positions of responsibility.

He also implicated the Human Rights Watch, Frontline Human Rights Defenders and East Horn of Africa Human Rights in the scandal. Buturo claims that these organisations are working on local groups which depend on them for funding in order to spread homosexuality amongst the local population.

“Those behind this abnormal, unhealthy, unnatural as well as illegal lifestyle have argued that legalising homosexuality would be a human right and in defence of freedom,” he said.

“Most Ugandans,” Buturo argued, “strive to be guided by God’s standards. Those standards do not include promotion of anal sex at the expense of heterosexual sex as a means to maintain human reproduction,” he said.

“If the Government were to legalise marriages between men and men and women and women, we would be talking about a threat to human civilisation.”

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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