A new product created by scientists in the United States could be the orally-ingested Viagra’s major rival. The new treatment involves tiny nanoparticles being rubbed into the skin, and could be more effective than Viagra.

Under the therapy, nanoparticles that release the chemical nitric oxide are rubbed onto the penis, and are absorbed directly into the skin, reports Britain’s Telegraph. The treatment has, however, only been tested on rats.

In a study testing the therapy, which was recently presented to the American Urological Association (AUA), five out of seven rats showed signs of arousal.

The benefits of the new treatment could include fewer side effects than current erectile dysfunction drugs, such as headaches and facial flushing, and it is believed that it would also work much faster.

“This is a very interesting concept which has potential to impact treatment of many conditions including erectile dysfunction if it can be translated from the animal lab to clinical practice,” said Ira D Sharlip of the AUA.

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