The Kenyan LGBT community has called on the government to embrace legislation that will bring about laws that recognise gay rights, reports Behind The Mask.

An open discussion was held by the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), to raise awareness of LGBT equality.

Lawrance Mute, commissioner with the Kenyan National Human Rights Commission (KNHRC), said that the government has to repeal all sections of laws criminalising same-sex relationships and sodomy.

“This is a long journey. The LGBTI community has to be ready to travel it, not only in Kenya but across Africa. It may not come tomorrow, but with concerted efforts and pressure it will bear fruits”, he said at the discussion.

Reverend Micheal Kimundu, a member of Other Sheep East Africa and former cleric of the Anglican Church of Kenya, talked about how he was cast out of the church by its leadership for openly supporting LGBT rights.

“It’s upon us now to educate church leaders and their followers on fundamental human rights. We must be able change their attitude though reaching to them, talking to them and interacting with them,” he said.

The successful event was attended by over 120 people who aim to end homophobia in Kenya, including the Kenyan National Human Rights Commission, officials from the health sector, human rights activists and Other Sheep East Africa.

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