Adam Lambert

According to the New York Post, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert will come out in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in next month’s edition.

Lambert chose not to state his sexual preference throughout the contest, despite photos posted on the internet depicted him kissing men and dressing in drag. The singer said that he wanted people to “keep speculating”.

“He didn’t want it to be an issue during the contest, but he’s fine with his sexuality,” a source told the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Lambert has struck back at Clay Aiken, a previous gay Idol runner-up who recently denounced Lambert’s singing on his website.

Last week, Aiken wrote that he felt Lambert’s rendition of Ring of Fire on Idol was “contrived, awful, and slightly frightening” and almost made his ears bleed.

“I don’t know Clay,” Lambert told Access Hollywood on Thursday. “I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before.”

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