A US study has revealed that gay men achieve more in college than their straight counterparts, and bisexual women do worse during their higher education than straight women.

The report suggests that there are three main reasons gay men tend to do achieve more in college. Firstly, gay men appear to perceive their academic work as more important compared to other male students.

Secondly, gay and bisexual males appear more likely to have a faculty member or administrator at the institution with whom they can discuss a problem.

And thirdly, gay and bisexual males appear to place more importance on participating in student organisations, volunteer activities, the arts, and politics.

However, behavioural bisexuals (who are overwhelmingly female) seem to do a lot worse. According to the study, they spend significantly less time studying and are much less satisfied with their academic work.

“They think their academic work is less important than do other women. Bisexual women are not having as good a college experience,” researcher Christopher Carpenter, an economics professor at the University of California, told Miller McCune Magazine.

He added however, that lesbians “appear to do no worse, no better academically” than straight female students.

Carpenter used the report “Sexual Orientation and Outcomes in College from Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study”, in which over 40,000 students from 120 colleges and universities were asked a wide range of questions, to compile the study.

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