Gay Rights activists in Russia are planning to stage a picket during American President Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow in July.

The activists aim to highlight Barack Obama’s pledge to work towards LGBT equality, and to raise awareness for gay marriage.

“We want to express our solidarity with US gay activists who are planning similar protests in Washington DC, Chicago and other cities in the coming months,” said prominent Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev.

Alekseev praised the steps Obama has taken, including signing the Human Rights Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity statement which aims to decriminalise homosexuality around the world, but believes that he should now concentrate on the legalisation of gay marriage in the US.

In order to hold the demonstration outside the US embassy in Moscow on July 7 the campaigners need permission from the city authorities. But after the city’s mayor banned Slavic Pride last month, Alekseev said that it was “highly unlikely” that they would be granted the right to protest.

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