A married senior judge in Wales is under investigation over an alleged affair with a male prostitute. Judge Gerald Price of Swansea has reportedly been involved in a nine month relationship with 25 year old escort Christopher Williams.

Williams told The News of the World that Price contacted him through an escort agency a day before Price’s 60th Birthday.

“He told me I was his birthday present to himself. I didn’t know he was a judge – just a married man who worked in Swansea,” he claimed. “It ended with a ‘thank you’ and he dropped me off at Bridgend station.”

Price then called on him several more times, eventually setting him up with his own flat and an allowance. Williams also claimed that Price had passed him off as a law student in court and had taken him on official business where they would stay in hotel rooms together.

“What Gerald did was dangerous. His business was truth but he lived a lie. He was at real risk of being blackmailed. Imagine the power a criminal could wield over a judge with info like this,” Williams told the News of the World.

Williams said he challenged the judge to leave his wife and then phoned her to expose the truth of their relationship.

Price has not yet been suspended, but is being investigated by the Ministry of Justice over a possible breach of the Guide To Judicial Conduct.

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