The South African Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (SA GLAAD) has slated YOU magazine for an article on Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono’s gender transition, claiming that the piece is offensive.

The article, entitled “Chaz ditches Chastity”, is in the latest June 25th issue of the weekly publication.

“I find the article to be particularly offensive. It was clearly written with intent to ridicule and to derogate a person for the fact of being transgender,” Christina Engela, board member of GLAAD, wrote in a letter to the magazine.

Correct pronouns were “repeatedly and deliberately ignored,” Engela said, pointing out the use of “she” instead of “he” and the writer referring to Chaz as Chastity, despite the title of the article claiming that he “ditched” it.

“Even by the way in which the writer examines the person’s past life and refers to Cher’s perceived reaction to Chaz and for pursuing gender reassignment, the writer uses a tone which can only be called mocking,” she continued.

“The article was clearly intended to mock transgender people and I find such blatant prejudice offensive,” said Engela.

“One would expect a magazine which claims to be a ‘family’ magazine in a country which supposedly respects the equality and dignity of all its citizens – even the transgender ones for whom this “journalist” made his or her dislike perfectly clear – to be far more sensitive to its readership – and a bit more discerning in terms of the quality of people who will write for YOU.”

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