Martina Navratilova in 2006
(Pic:Michal Pohorelsky)

Nine times Wimbledon-winner Martina Navratilova is being sued by her former wife for half her funds and assets. Toni Layton claims that she suffered “emotional, mental and physical trauma” after being locked out of the couple’s six shared multimillion dollar homes.

“I was left an emotional wreck, with nothing to show for eight years of my life. I still suffer nightmares today. It’s something I don’t think I will ever properly recover from. What I want now is justice. Justice for all those lost, wasted years,” Layton said after filing the suit.

The lawsuit claims that the couple agreed to “evenly share all funds and assets earned and obtained by either while together” after their unofficial wedding ceremony nearly eight years ago. Under these terms, 58 year old Layton is entitled to half the proceeds of four multimillion dollar homes purchased during their time together.

However the openly-lesbian tennis star’s attorneys are arguing that their relationship doesn’t qualify as a marriage and thus Layton shouldn’t be entitled to her share of the assets.

As a gay rights activist and a role model in the gay community, Navratilova has now been criticised for diminishing her relationship and, by implication, other same-sex relationships for her own personal gain.

Navratilova has been in a similar situation before; seven years ago former lover Judy Nelson sued her for $7.5 million after she left her husband and two kids for the tennis star. They settled out of court, reportedly for half that amount.

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