Ugandan Ethics Minister
James Nsaba Buturo

Ugandan Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo has said that his government will continue to oppress gays and lesbians in the country, despite pressure from foreign countries.

“I have been receiving a number of friends from outside Uganda telling me that we should go slow on the rights of people who promote anal sex,” he told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre. And I’m telling them, ‘well, if you in your countries you’ve chosen to promote anal sex that is your business but leave us alone.”

Despite threats from donor countries to withdraw financial aid, the minister has confirmed that the government was in the process of finalising a draft law aimed at curbing the promotion of gay rights.

“Nowadays, our country is welcoming and embracing all manners of social evil that are likely to render our society insecure and unproductive. We must do something,” said Buturo.

Uganda’s homophobic stance continues to grow, and Buturo has in the past said homosexual sex threatens Ugandan civilization because it does not produce children, and has accused the United Nations of a secret plot to spread homosexuality.

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