The man who was seriously injured after a chaotic raid on a Fort Worth, Texas, gay bar on June 28th has spoken out against the authorities who allegedly beat him.

Chad Gibson sustained serious injuries after his head was allegedly slammed to the floor by policemen, and now has a blood clot behind his eye which could be lethal if it doesn’t dissolve.

However police claim that Gibson merely fell. “A lot of the doctors I’ve talked to say you can’t get this kind of blow to the head from just falling, if I had just fallen like they said I did,” Gibson told CBS11TV in an interview.

“I was at the bar buying drinks for my friends and I. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ICU,” Gibson said. “I’m just appalled that they took it to the level that they did.” Gibson is now seeking answers, and plans to take action against the people who did this to him.

“You know what, they need to accept responsibility of what they did to me and to everyone,” Gibson added. “That’s all I want – I want the truth.”

The authorities have suspended similar raids on bars in the city pending an investigation into the incident.

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