Austria’s new ambassador to the UK has called upon the public to boycott Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film Brüno, reports The Sun.

Emil Brix has demanded that action be taken over the cheap gags in the film, which he believes are an insult to the Austrian nation.

“It’s totally inappropriate. Everybody should speak up against that,” Brux said. “The public will know how to react to this film.”

In the film, the outrageously gay character of Brüno, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, is bizarrely patriotic about his Austrian heritage: he jokes about wanting to be Austria’s most famous superstar since Hitler.

The character also claims that the “Austrian Dream” is to “have a job, find a dungeon and raise a family there”, ridiculing the country’s incest fiend Josef Fritzl.

However Brix claims that films by Austrian director Michael Haneke give a more accurate portrayal of his country. Oddly, in that director’s film Funny Games, two psychotics lock a family in a cabin and make them “sadistically” attack each other.

“Films by directors like these really deal with Austria,” Brix said.

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