A website which displays uncensored photographs of people that frequent local cruising spots in the Haldon area of Devon, near Exeter in the UK, as well as their car registration numbers, has come under fire.

Cruisingscene.co.uk was apparently set up to raise awareness of the “disgusting” practice of gay and bisexual men meeting for sex.

The website warns, “All over the country there is a disgusting underground world that most decent members of society have little or no knowledge of. This world is one where outwardly heterosexual men with wives and families at home go out ‘cruising’”.

It goes on to add that, “Many of these men partake in unprotected sex with each other. They then obviously go home to their families and will resume ‘normal sexual relations’ within that home, passing on goodness knows what disease to these completely innocent people.”

It’s been claimed that the site is homophobic, but it’s not known if it is breaching data protection laws, although an investigation is being launching by the UK’s Information Commissioner.

“In my view this is a gross invasion of the privacy of the people whose photographs have been published. The activity being reported upon here is consensual sex between adults. Stephen Loughrey of Carter-Ruck, a law firm which specialises in libel and privacy law, told PinkNews.co.uk.

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