Jesus Luz for GQ.

Jesus Luz’s popularity grows

Jesus Luz continues to land modelling gigs – including a steamy photo shoot for GQ magazine. Despite rumours that Madonna doesn’t have time for her toy-boy anymore, the couple has been seen out together, and were recently spotted in Milan dining out with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbanain Milan, the pair behind the Dolce & Gabbana label. Truth be told, dating Madge is probably the wisest career choice Jesus could’ve made…

Ryan Reynolds is going Green

Actor Ryan Reynolds has been officially cast as the Green Lantern in the upcoming film adaptation of the DC Comic. Speculation ran high when the three hotties competing for the role (Ryan, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake) were announced. We didn’t really care who got the role though, because any excuse to see any of these sexy men in tights is okay with us…

Hair-loss worries for Jude Law

Jude Law should pay a visit to Nicolas Cage, as the two stars could share a few tips about hair-loss! When leaving Wyndham Theatre in London after his performance in Hamlet, Jude stopped to sign a few autographs for his fans. But when the actor lowered his head to sign, he showed off his thinning hairline. Hmm, perhaps Jude should start investing in a few hats, or shave it all off before he loses some dignity… Comb-overs just don’t do it for us Jude!

Darren Hayes attacks gay media stereotypes

Former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes has told the Gay Times that he thinks the media is “dumbing down” its representation of gays. “I have a whole issue about mainstream pop and certainly television culture, and how damaging that is in terms of dumbing down being gay. All those clichés about being gay I think are really limiting whereas in reality it’s just a trait, it’s like eye colour or hair colour, it’s a physical trait. Being gay is somehow an indulgent choice? It infuriates me. You’re either Graham Norton or George Michael getting arrested in parks and I’m neither of those things.” Hayes is openly gay and tied the knot with his civil partner Richard Cullen in 2006.

John Barrowman narrowly escapes car accident

Openly gay Torchwood star John Barrowman survived a terrifying high-speed car crash after losing control of his car on the show Fifth Gear. John was a guest on the show and took part in a race in Powys, Wales, with Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell, who was in the passenger seat when the crash happened. Luckily neither men were seriously harmed; with Barrowman being taken to hospital after paramedics removed shattered glass from his eye. This ordeal comes almost three years after Top Gear host Richard Hammond survived a 288mph crash in a jet-powered car. Hammond was taking to hospital with a serious head injury, but miraculously recovered in just four weeks.

Lady Gaga had better look out for Miss Piggy.

Gaga goes fashion-crazy

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous fashion sense, but during a stint in Germany the singer might’ve gone a tad overboard. Earlier we reported the gimp-like mask that covered her face, revealing only her nose, which she wore to a press conference. She took it one step further during a German TV interview, as she donned a tent-like suspended veil which covered the whole upper half of her body… including her face. She then did another interview wearing an outfit made entirely of Kermit the frog dolls. The outfit was designed and created by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s, and was debuted at this year’s fashion week in Paris. Is Gaga just ridiculous, or do you love her quirkiness? Singer Akon, who signed GaGa in a joint deal with his Kon Live Distribution label said of her style: “People dissed her because of the way she dresses, but she’s hot. Everyone wants to look like her. She’ll walk around in London in her underwear and everyone will catch on.”

Mika keeps his sexuality private

Pop singer Mika is still very hush-hush about his sexuality. The Lebanese-born star is set to release his second album, We Are Golden, in September but still refuses to quash any gay rumours. He has been quoted saying: “I never talk about anything to do with my sexuality. I just don’t think I need to. People ask me all the time. But I just don’t see the point.” He added that “in order to survive I’ve kind of shut up different parts of my life, and that’s one of them, especially this early in my career.” Gay or straight, this high-pitched cutie is still worth drooling over no matter what.

Janez Vermeiren “harassed” by gay models?

During a recent trip to Paris, South African celeb Janez Vermeiren was allegedly harassed by two male models who recognised him from his Nivea ads. Our local Heat magazine reported this week that the two were apparently making moves on him, even offering Janez a threesome. He however was not impressed, and walked away before any punches could be thrown; this according to Janez’ business partner. Yet a picture from the incident, published by Heat, shows Janez grinning at the boys, looking far from uncomfortable. Local Perez Hilton wannabe, Mika Stefano, was quick to comment on his blog that the Heat report was confirmation that Janez is gay: “…those were no fans, he was getting some asse (sic)! There is nothing wrong with being gay, come out Janez,” he wrote. We’re not so sure, but the Top Billing presenter was after all voted MambaOnline’s Sexiest Man in 2007, so maybe he simply doesn’t mind the attention, from both his female and male fans.

Harry Potter star Freddie Stroma

Harry Potter star gets down in his undies

Yummy Freddie Stroma, who plays Cormac McLaggen in the latest Harry Potter film, is not afraid to take it all off in front of the camera. The British rising star’s pre-Potter modelling work has surfaced, in one video showing Freddie in nought but his undies while promoting Acne Underwear. He also shows off his gymnast skills in another campaign for Acne, where he swings from rings in a pair of pink tighty-whiteys and ultimately ends up naked – revealed his very impressive behind (see right). If asked if he would follow in his co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s nude footsteps, Freddie told Now magazine: “Hmm… I suppose I would yes, depending on whether it was tastefully done…” If you’ve seen the new Harry Potter film you’ll be wondering, along with the rest of us at Mamba Mansions, why in heaven’s name Hermione chooses to dismiss the attentions of Freddie’s character. What is she thinking?

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