A 31 year old man was arrested yesterday after he threw two powerful explosives at participants in the Outgames, which are being held in Copenhagen this year.

According to the Copenhagen Post, the man was charged with committing a hate crime and was arrested at St. Jakobs Church in Østerbro.

Two bombs were thrown onto the track just before the men’s 4×200 track relay, where they exploded.

“The [bomb] container hit the ground and everyone yelled to run,” Dean Koga, a runner who was injured by the bomb, told Outsports.

“That’s when I felt the impact [from the shrapnel that ricocheted off the ground and into the top part of his right hand]. I felt a sting and there was blood flowing down from the [relay] baton I was holding,” he said. Koga was the only athlete injured.

The suspect was allegedly carrying a backpack containing another half-dozen or so bombs.

This is the second hate crime charge in less than a week in connection with the World Outgames.

According to The Advocate, during Friday’s opening night ceremonies three men from England, Sweden and Norway were attacked and later released from the hospital with minor injuries. Police arrested two men, both with criminal records, who were believed to be inebriated.

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