Coach Greg McMackin

University of Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin has apologised for using the word “faggot” during a press conference. He used the slur to describe a pre-game dance that the University of Notre Dame football players performed before the Aloha Bowl last December.

According to reports, the coach said at the briefing at the Western Athletic Conference football preview in Salt Lake City that the players “get up and do this little cheer,” he said. “Like this little faggot dance”. He later said to reporters: “Don’t write that ‘faggot’ down. I was misquoted.”

When he later re-addressed the media in a statement, he said: “I would sincerely like to apologise for the inappropriate verbage and words that I used… I don’t have any prejudices, and it really makes me mad that I even said that. I’m disappointed in myself.”

He added, “What I was trying to do was be funny and it wasn’t funny. It’s not funny, and even more, it isn’t funny to me. I was trying to make a joke and it was a bad choice of words.”

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