Mayor Stu Rasmussen

The transgendered mayor of Silverton (population 9,588) in the American state of Oregon has been reprimanded for his decision to wear skimpy women’s clothing while speaking to a group of children.

Mayor Stu Rasmussen admitted to wearing an open-back bathing suit, mini skirt and high heels when she went to speak before a group of kids for a Silverton-based non-profit group.

The Silverton City Council decided to censure Rasmussen, which means that they officially disapproved of her outfit, after a member of the non-profit organisation was not happy with the attire and filed a complaint with the city.

“Why are we even having this discussion? I’m an adult. I’ll wear what I please,” Rasmussen said at the time.

The complainants said they did not disapprove of the mayor wearing female clothing per se, but felt that the style of the outfit was too revealing, unprofessional and inappropriate to the occasion.

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