A solidarity rally was held in Israel on Sunday to mourn the two people who were killed after a gunman burst into an LGBT youth centre in the city of Tel Aviv just over a week ago.

Israeli president, Shimon Peres, addressed the crowd of around 20 000 people.

“The person who shot Nir Katz and Liz Trobishi aimed his gun at you, at me, at all of us. Israel will not put up with such an injustice and will not rest until the murderer is brought to trial. The bullets that hit the gay community last week hurt us all.”

The murderer has not yet been caught, and there are no suspects. However, according to, a man was arrested on suspicion of posting threats on an LGBT Internet forum over three days.

Shmuel Primarik, a soldier in the ultra-Orthodox Nahal Haredi unit, confessed to writing posts online just before Sunday’s rally saying “more serious attacks are expected against the gays; don’t say you didn’t know about it.”

Although police do not suspect him of the attack in Tel Aviv, they are examining whether he was involved in a list of other homophobic attacks, including several bombs set off to protest Jerusalem Gay Pride parades in previous years.

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