One of the largest gay rights groups in California has recommended that attempts to reverse the state’s gay marriage ban wait until 2012.

Equality California (EQCA) has proposed a three-year-plan to repeal the Prop 8 ban on marriage for same-sex couples.

“Equality California is fiercely determined to win marriage back in 2012 with an aggressive campaign to change the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of California voters, hand-in-hand with our coalition partners, grassroots activists, allies and volunteers,” said Marc Solomon, EQCA marriage director.

Other activist groups, however, are planning to take the ban to the polls in 2010; something which commentators say could result in a weakening in the efforts to repeal Prop 8.

” The real issue has been whether it will take 15 months or 39 months to change enough hearts and minds so that future generations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians never have to fight again at the ballot box for their basic humanity,” said Solomon.

EQCA said that it arrived at its position after considering input from stakeholders as well as political strategists. It also conducted in-depth analysis of turnout models, polling and fundraising.

Key factors that led to the decision include the belief of leaders in communities of colour that moving likely voters in their respective communities requires more time, as well as the enormous challenge of raising the $40 to $50 million dollars needed to run an effective campaign during one of the US’ worst recessions.

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