Whoopi Goldberg has recorded a video message expressing her support for this week’s Budapest Pride Festival.

The event culminates in a parade on Saturday, which in the past has been at the centre of violent opposition.

“Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet block, the struggle for freedom continues. The people in Hungary who are participating in Gay Pride are expressing those freedoms, just like they do in so many other cities in the European Union,” said the Oscar-winning actress, comedienne and talk show host.

“Not everyone celebrates Gay Pride. Not everyone agrees with Gay Pride, but all citizens of Hungary who support democracy need to say to themselves, ‘You know, people can disagree, but violence against other human beings — that’s not good. It’s wrong.’ Now if I were in Budapest, you know I would be marching with you.”

Goldberg has been a long-time supporter of the LGBT community and has publicly campaigned for same-sex marriage rights in the US.

The star’s message comes after 13 countries, including South Africa, signed on to a statement expressing their support for the Pride festival.

In 2007 and 2008, the event was marred by protestors throwing eggs, faeces and even petrol bombs at participants. Saturday’s parade has once again been threatened by extreme right wing groups.

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