Responding to ongoing rumours about his sexuality, singer and songwriter Mika has told a Dutch magazine, Gay&Night, that he is bisexual.

The 26 year old star, who came to prominence with the 2007 hit Grace Kelly, has been previously criticised in some quarters for being ambiguous about his sexuality and refusing to address the issue while courting the gay community’s favour.

In a 2007 interview with Gay&Night, he refused to confirm or deny anything, stating: “I don’t think it’s relevant, at least not at this stage. I think it’s really helpful to separate the ‘person’ from the ‘artist’.”

Now in the new interview with the magazine, Mika finally responded to speculation about his love life:

“I’ve never ever labelled myself. But having said that; I’ve never limited my life, I’ve never limited who I sleep with. So, whatever… Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me.”

He still nevertheless defended his earlier stance when responding to a question about being a good role model for closeted teenagers.

“There are ways of being a role model without having to always having to establish yourself with a label. Let’s say if you’re a 16-year-old guy, and you’re not sure about your sexuality, you should be as free as you want.” according to the singer.

“Having a role model who makes you feel like it’s alright to do whatever you want, without the pressure of a label, I think that’s a good thing as well. I think there’s a million different ways to do it, there isn’t only one. And I hope I’m right.”

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