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A bisexual activist group in the UK has urged bisexual people to come out on National Coming Out Day.

The Bisexual Index – “a collaborative network of activists and other UK bisexuals working together for a change in the way people view bisexuality and bisexuals” – made the call on its website.

“We here at the Bisexual Index have enjoyed National Coming Out Day for several years, but had noticed there wasn’t much attention directed towards including bisexuals. We’d like to fix that with a mass coming out (or re-coming out!) this year,” said the organisation.

It added: “On the 12th we’d like as many bisexuals as possible to Come Out Bisexual online, and show the world that the B isn’t silent in LGBT.”

The organisation has created an online “badge”, which can be found here, for people to place on their websites and blogs on the day.

Founded in 1988, National Coming Out Day is an internationally-observed day to inspire LGBT people to come out of the closet. It is celebrated on October 11 in most countries, but on October 12 in the UK.

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