Tory leader David Cameron.

Britain’s previously homophobic Conservative Party, known as the Tories, is actively campaigning for the gay vote.

This week the party threw its first ever bash targeted at the gay community on Canal Street in Manchester, the city’s famous gay strip.

Tory leader David Cameron also recently apologised for the notorious Section 28 law which his party passed in the 1980’s and which barred any discussion of homosexuality in British Schools.

Some, however, could not forget the now repealed law and picketed outside the Spirit bar, where the event was held, with signs proclaiming “Queers against Tories”.

Cameron has also been forced to defend his party’s alliance with Poland’s Law and Justice Party, which is opposed to same-sex marriage, in the European Parliament.

British gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of the LGBT group OutRage! said that he was not convinced by the party’s recent enthusiasm for the gay community:

“David Cameron is all talk and no action on gay rights. I challenge him to back up his gay-friendly words with concrete policies to end the remaining vestiges of homophobic discrimination. So far, he has not promised a single new policy for gay equality.”

Tatchell added: “The Conservatives will never be taken seriously as defenders of gay human rights unless they promise concrete policies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. We don’t know what a Tory government would do because David Cameron offers only vague generalities, not policy specifics.”

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