Stephen Gately

An autopsy on Stephen Gately has concluded that the Boyzone singer died of excess fluid in his lungs unrelated to alcohol consumption.

An official in Majorca announced that Gately “died a natural death of acute pulmonary edema”, a condition often caused by heart problems, which results in the build-up of fluid in the lungs.

There had been much speculation that the star had choked on his own vomit after a night out of excessive drinking with his partner Andrew Cowles.

Meanwhile, The Sun tabloid has reported on the presence of another man, Georgi Dochev, in the couple’s holiday home in Majorca at the time of Gately’s death on the weekend.

It has been suggested that Dochev, a Bulgarian, was invited to the house for a threesome after they met at a nightclub.

According The Sun, Dochev claims that he went to the bedroom with Cowles; the two men leaving Gately alone on the couch.

Dochev says that he was the one that found Gately’s body the next day and alerted Cowles.

“I am devastated. I came out of the bedroom and found Stephen dead. I woke the husband. It is awful – I am in shock and I’m ill with it. I haven’t slept a wink,” the man was quoted as saying.

A reportedly hysterical Cowles tried to resuscitate Gately to no avail.

The singer’s body is expected to be flown home to Dublin in the next few days.

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