The attack on Jack Price was captured on CCTV cameras.

One man has died while another is in a coma as a result of recent homophobic attacks in London and New York.

In Queens, New York, CCTV cameras caught last week’s beating of Jack Price (49) by two men after he went to a local deli to get a pack of cigarettes on Friday.

Price was reportedly verbally abused with anti-gay slurs and was then beaten to the ground. He was hospitalised with a broken jaw, a lacerated spleen and fractured ribs.

Two suspects in the crime, Daniel Rodriguez (21) and Daniel Aleman (26) have since been arrested.

Price is in a medically-induced coma at a New York Hospital. He was able to talk to police about the incident before losing consciousness

Meanwhile, a gay man who was attacked by three people in London last month – in an incident thought to have been motivated by homophobia – has died after he was taken off life support on Tuesday.

Ian Baynham (62) and a second man were apparently kicked and beaten by two women and man between the ages of 16 and 20 in Trafalgar Square on 25 September, during which Baynham received fatal brain damage. The other man suffered minor injuries.

The suspects were captured by CCTV cameras. Police, who said that the beating was “vicious”, are hunting for the three people and released images from the CCTV footage in the hope that this could lead to their detention.

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