Superstar Mariah Carey invited a gay fan on stage in Las Vegas on Saturday to allow him ask his partner to marry him.

Carey was performing in the city when she asked Maurie Sherman and his boyfriend Matthew Almeida to come on stage.

Sherman explained to the audience that Almeida had told him years ago that he would only marry him if he arranged to introduce him to Carey.

“I’m hoping that my Mariah will accept his Nick Cannon”, he said, referring to Carey’s husband.

With that, Sherman got down on one knee and proposed to Almeida with a candy ring, as Cannon reportedly also did when he proposed to Carey.

When Almeida said yes, Carey brought out champagne and embraced the couple. The two men live in Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal.

Sherman told the Los Angeles Times that it had taken him six months to arrange the proposal.

“I worked as hard as I can to make it happen. Everyone loved the idea. But no one made promises. I did not find out until five minutes before the concert started,” he said.

“Her security came over and talked to me. ‘I think we are going to do this. And, I think it will be during the show on stage.’ I did not know before that moment. But I came prepared. I dressed nicely and brought the candy ring in my pocket and made sure it didn’t break. Mathew had no idea. Please let me add thanks to Mariah for doing it.”



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