Two men from Bangladesh applying for refugee status in Australia have said that they would have sex in front of immigration officials to prove that they are gay.

The unnamed men claim that they could be killed because of their sexuality if they are returned to their homeland.

The couple first applied for asylum in 1999 and have appealed their case four times. At one point it was claimed that they were brothers but this was refuted by DNA tests.

They were also asked deeply personal questions about their sex life by officials of the Refugee Review Tribunal.

The men subsequently told the tribunal: “We are prepared to have an adult witness view us engaged in an act of homosexual intercourse and then attest before you to that fact.”

Their lawyer, Bruce Levet, told the Daily Telegraph that the tribunal’s conduct was “disgraceful” adding: “I was ashamed to be a lawyer.” A Federal Court has also slammed the tribunal saying that it was biased against the men.

Bangladesh is the second-largest Muslim country in the world after Indonesia with a population of 133 million. Consensual gay sex is illegal and can be punished with up to 10 years imprisonment.

There have also been reports of gay men being threatened with stoning by Islamic fundamentalists in the country.

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