Openly gay singer Adam Lambert has surprised his fans with a raunchy magazine photo shoot in which he kisses a nude female model.

The shoot was part of an interview for the November issue of Details magazine.

“Yeah, I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes. Women are pretty. It doesn’t mean I’m necessarily sleeping with them,” the American Idol runner-up tells the magazine.

Lambert, who is dating 24 year old Drake LaBry, adds: “I don’t see how all this is any different than—let’s take a modern sex symbol like Brad Pitt. How many of these women who fantasise about him actually get to sleep with him?

“It’s all fantasy—that’s what entertainment is. I’m here to entertain you, and if my sexuality is apparent and you respond to it, and you’re attracted to it, then great, I’m doing my job.”

Lambert’s first album, For Your Entertainment, will be released towards the end of November.

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