An American clothing company that previously released anti-Prop 8 t-shirts has launched another range of gay themed t-shirts.

The new t-shirts depict archival newspaper images and include two prints of photos taken at gay events.

They are: “Pair at Gay Parade – (A pair marches down Santa Monica Blvd. in the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, 1984)” and “Anti-Homophobe Rally (Protestors outside an Anaheim hotel in 1989, holding signs to silently demonstrate their opposition to homophobia)”.

In July, the company received phone threats and one of its stores in Maryland, near Washington DC, was vandalised after it displayed t-shirts proclaiming “Legalise Gay” in opposition to the ban on same-sex marriage in California.

At the time, the company said: “We just wanted to announce that not only are they not going to prevent us from speaking out on an issue that is important to this company and our employees but we’ll continue to run Legalize Gay advertisements in papers across the DC-Metro area. We’ll also send Legalize Gay t-shirts to any group in Washington DC that is fighting for gay rights and will help support any protest or rally for the cause.”

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