Research in the UK reveals that bisexual employees feel excluded by their lesbian and gay colleagues in the workplace.

The results were published by the LGBT rights group, Stonewall, in a guide that aims to help employers support bisexual employees and develop bisexual inclusive policy and procedures.

Titled Bisexual People in the Workplace: practical advice for employers, the guide is supported by Britain’s Home Office and shows how the experience of bisexual staff is often distinct from lesbian and gay employees.

It further highlights the difficulties bisexual employees face when trying to be out in the workplace.

“From lesbian and gay colleagues I’ve been told ‘you’re indecisive’ or ‘you are really gay and you just aren’t brave enough to be gay’ or ‘you’re really straight and you’re just a little bit curious’. I find that quite offensive because I know who I find attractive in the same way that anybody else does and I don’t want to be told that’s not correct,” says a person identified as Morgan in the report.

“When I explain myself to people I say I’m gay, because it’s easier. It’s not so much that people seem to be more biased against bisexual people, it’s just to avoid all the ignorant questions that you get. People get very confused… you’re greedy or, aren’t you really gay and you’re just afraid to tell us? Which is ridiculous since I’m quite happy to be openly gay if that was the case,” comments another individual.

“The overwhelming message of Bisexual People in the Workplace is that employers must not assume that the experience of bisexual staff is somehow identical to that of their gay and lesbian colleagues,” said Alan Johnson, MP at the launch of the guide.

“There are a number of practical actions employers can take to include bisexual staff at work. By making workplaces more inclusive everyone benefits and employers can make the most of the talent they have,” commented David Shields, Stonewall’s Director of Workplace Programmes.

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