The late Stephen Gately

It’s been announced that unheard tracks recorded by the late Boyzone singer Stephen Gately (33) will be released on a new Boyzone album.

Lead singer Ronan Keating revealed the news in an interview with the remaining four members of the band on Sky News.

He said that that Gately had recorded vocal elements for two songs, which were planned to be included in the band’s next album, before he died.

“We have a few songs with Stephen’s voice on it – what a rescue. Thank God we have that. The fans will really appreciate it,” he said.

Band member Shane Lynch said: “Stephen was one of my best, best friends in life. I miss him dearly. But we have a faith and we know he is in a magnificent place, looking down at us and smiling.”

The band added that the new album would be a tribute to Gately, who was found dead in his holiday home in Majorca after a night out with his husband Andrew Cowles.

An autopsy revealed that Gately had died of natural causes thought to have been related to a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported by Ireland’s Independent newspaper that friends and family are continuing to search for Gately’s last will and testament to his estimated € 12 million estate.

It is feared that he may not have left one before he died although Cowles has apparently told family that a law firm in London may be in possession of a will, but he did not known the name of the firm which has also not come forward.

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