A New York City taxi driver has kicked a gay couple out of his cab because they hugged in the backseat.

According to the New York Post, Medhat Monhamed told Paul Bruno and his partner to get out of his car after driving them for only two blocks.

“You guys have to get out of the taxi! Hugging is not allowed in here!” Monhamed reportedly told the two men after he pulled the car over.

Bruno has filed a complaint with the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the driver faces a fine and even the loss of his license if found guilty of discriminating against the men who are also demanding an apology.

Speaking to the Post, Monhamed said that his actions would not have been different if his passengers were a man and a woman, claiming that the men were not just hugging but were being overly amorous.

“I wanted to pay attention to getting them to their destination instead of worrying if they were going to have sex or not,” he said.

His aggrieved passenger however said: “He’s in the wrong place and in the wrong line of work if he doesn’t have an open and tolerant attitude,” adding, “I’ve seen a lot more go on in taxis than hugging.”

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