Two men have become the first same same-sex couple to be given a license to marry in Argentina, and Latin America.

A judge in Buenos Aires granted the right to marry to Alex Freyre and Jose Maria Di Bello on Monday.

Judge Gabriela Seijas ruled that the country’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional after the two men sued to overturn the law.

An emotional Di Bello said that he and his partner plan to marry on the 1st of December.

While same-sex marriage is illegal in Argentina, civil union legislation was passed in the city of Buenos Aires, a popular international gay tourism spot, in 2002.

Mayor Mauricio Macri said that the city will not appeal the judge’s decision.

“We have to live with and accept this reality: the world is moving in this direction,” he told the Associated Press, adding that it is important that officials “safeguard the right of each person to freely choose with whom they want to form a couple and be happy.”

No country in Latin America has yet legalised same-sex marriage, although Uruguay and a few regions have approved civil union legislation.

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