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Afrikaans singer Jurie Else has been acquitted in the North Gauteng High Court of sexually abusing fellow singer Robbie Klay as a child, reports SAPA.

Els, who now lives in New Zealand with his wife and child, had denied all charges that he had molested the 23 year old Klay when the latter was between the ages of 11 and 16 and voluntarily returned to South Africa to defend himself.

The judge said although there was “a suspicion” against Els, the state was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. He also said that there was no reason to reject his evidence that nothing had happened between him and Klay.

During his testimony Els painted Klay as a troubled, spoilt and deceitful young man and said that he had suspected that he had been molested when he was a child due to his bed-wetting problem and unusual interest in things sexual.

Klay had earlier admitted in court that he had been paid R 10,000 by a magazine to name Els as the person who had allegedly molested him. He was also forced to admit that the evidence contradicted claims that Els that had molested him on certain dates.

Els told reporters that he did not hold any grudges against his accuser but added that Klay “needed help.”

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